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Section 4(1)(b) (ii)

The powers and duties of its officers and employees -
Sl No.   Designation   Powers and Duties
1 Secretary
●   Chief Executive of the Commission.
●   Deals with the administrative affairs of the Commission.
●   1st Appellate Authority for hearing appeals against the R.T.I. petitions       filed in the Commission.
2 Under Secretary
●   Drawing and disbursing officer.
●   Deals with routine administrative affairs of the Commission.
3 Section Officer
●   Secretarial assistance in administrative affairs of the Commission.
●   Public Information Officer of the Commission when assigned to      perform.
●   Authorised signatory in routine course.
4 Assistant
●   Secretarial assistance in administrative and financial affairs of the      Commission.
●   Miscellaneous work assigned in routine course.
Private Secretary/
Personal Assistant/
●   Secretarial assistance to the State Chief Information      Commissioner/State Information Commissioners during hearing of      Appeals/Complaints.